Material And Products Supply

Digital Ears is a comprehensive one-stop solution for audiology professionals and hearing care specialists, offering a wide range of high-quality products and services related to laboratory techniques and hearing care. As the supplier of Egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik GmbH products made in Germany, they provide exceptional solutions for various audiological needs. Below is a detailed description of their offerings:

Cedis Premium Hearing Aid Batteries: Digital Ears supplies top-notch Cedis Premium Hearing Aid Batteries, ensuring reliable power for various hearing aid models. These batteries are long-lasting and efficient, providing optimal performance for hearing devices.

Care Products: Audiologists and hearing care professionals can find a selection of care products designed to maintain and preserve the condition of hearing aids and other hearing devices. These products include cleaning tools, storage cases, and maintenance supplies.

Hygiene and Safety at the Workplace: Digital Ears offers products and equipment to maintain a hygienic and safe working environment in audiology clinics. Professionals can find cleaning solutions, disinfectants, and safety gear to ensure a clean and protected workspace.

Impression Taking Technique: To achieve accurate and reliable ear impressions, Digital Ears provides tools and guidance for the impression taking technique. This is crucial for creating custom-made earmolds and hearing protection devices that fit perfectly.

Hearing Aid Accessories / Service and Repairs: Professionals can access a range of hearing aid accessories and parts through Digital Ears, enabling them to provide efficient service and repairs for their clients' hearing devices.

Sound Tubes, Elbows, and Accessories: For the assembly and repair of behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids, Digital Ears offers sound tubes, elbows, and related accessories to ensure seamless functioning.

Preparing the Impression / Manufacturing of Negative Molds: Digital Ears supplies materials and equipment for the preparation of ear impressions and the manufacturing of negative molds. These molds serve as the foundation for creating custom-fit earmolds and hearing protection devices.

Digital Manufacturing of Earmolds: Utilizing advanced digital technologies, Digital Ears provides precision manufacturing of custom earmolds, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in producing personalized hearing solutions.

UV-Polymerization / Venting: To facilitate the production of earmolds and hearing protection devices, Digital Ears offers UV-polymerization equipment and venting solutions.

Silicone Technique: Professionals can access materials and instructions for using silicone in the creation of earmolds and other custom-fit hearing devices.

Polymerization of Acrylics: Digital Ears provides products and guidance related to the polymerization process for acrylic earmold manufacturing.

Shaping and Surface Polishing: To ensure client comfort and aesthetics, Digital Ears supplies tools and materials for shaping and surface polishing finished earmolds.

Laboratory Equipment and Furniture: The supplier offers essential equipment and furniture for hearing care laboratories, promoting an organized and efficient workflow.

Presentation / Promotion Assistance: Digital Ears provides marketing and promotional materials to assist professionals in effectively presenting their services and products to clients.

Earmolds: Audiologists can access a variety of earmold solutions, including custom-made earmolds, earmold materials, specifications, and shapes.

Hearing Protection: For hearing protection needs, Digital Ears offers custom-made protection earmolds, standard hearing protection, electronic hearing protection, and in-ear monitoring (IEM) systems.

Accessories: The supplier provides various accessories to complement hearing protection devices or earmolds.

Advertising Materials: Professionals can utilize advertising materials from Digital Ears to promote their hearing care services and products effectively.

With their extensive range of products and services, Digital Ears serves as a reliable partner for audiology professionals, offering solutions to meet the diverse needs of their clients. As the supplier of Egger Otoplastik + Labortechnik GmbH products made in Germany, customers can trust in the quality and precision of their offerings for the best possible hearing care outcomes.